Daisy Roots' Services

Daisy Roots is cockney rhyming slang for boots. Kick yours off, put your feet up - we'll do all the legwork for you. We'll find you a house, a school a nanny... and anything else you may want.



Welcome to the education minefield! Schooling in London and surrounding areas can be a difficult area to get to grips with. There are so many urban myths around education, it is easy to feel you have missed the boat even before your children even started nursery. The system can be confusing, and is continually evolving. What may have been true five years ago may no longer be the case.

DAISY ROOTS will lead you through the capital’s schooling landscape, helping you to make sense of it, and we can also explore possibilities outside London. We will research all your options - and there are many of them, including private or state school, voluntary-aided schools, grammar schools, foreign-language and bilingual schools, boarding schools, Academies and Free Schools.

We will find out about entrance requirements, registration deadlines, open days, preparation in the case of interviews for selective schools. We are available to visit schools with you, and can provide practical help in cases where your child is transitioning from one educational system to another, for example the French or American to the British one, or vice versa.

We can assist you with finding nursery places, and also guide you through the various tutoring options for 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+, 13+, as well as help with schoolwork and extra-curricular work and activities for children with special needs.


Finding optimal childcare solutions can be difficult and very time-consuming; DAISY ROOTS will provide guidance and practical help - we appreciate how important it is to find a reliable nanny, au pair, child minder or nursery, and we have a great deal of experience in this field.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers – there are dozens of nanny agencies in London, and researching every single one in detail can take a lot of time many families simply do not have. We will save you time by summarising your options and helping you make an informed choice. We will provide a list of agencies with fees and services (for example nannies or au pairs who speak a particular language.) We will interview nannies or au pairs on your behalf, check their references, and pre-select those considered most suited to your requirements.

If you choose to go down the route of placing an advert online or in a magazine, we can take care of it for you from the beginning to the end. We will write the advert, go through the responses – which is usually the most time-consuming aspect, as it is not unusual for hundreds of people to send in CVs in reply to an advert – interview the strongest candidates, draw up a shortlist for you, and check prospective candidates’ references.

We are very flexible and will make sure our service matches your needs. Just get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Boarders' Package

If you are based abroad and are sending a child or teenager to boarding school in the UK, this is the package for you! We will help you to make this a stress-free and safe experience, and can tailor our service to your particular requirements.

We offer transport between all UK airports and boarding schools, with accompanying adults in cases where children travel on their own. Our drivers and accompanying adults are CRB/DBS-checked and hold first aid certificates.

We also provide a laundry service - your child's clothes are picked up from school, cleaned and ironed, and stored during the holidays, along with any sport equipment, books and other belongings. At the end of the holiday they will be delivered back to school. We can also introduce you to reputable organisations offering guardianship for international students; please contact us for more information.

...anything else?

You may have secured a home, a school place and a nanny, but need to organise building work, decoration, gardening, or extra-curricular activities for your children...

DAISY ROOTS is here to make your life easier, and above all to save you time. Whatever it is you need to find, we can help you with, be it a handyman, a cleaner, a gardener, or a child nutritionist, speech therapist, paediatric dentist, a swimming instructor for your children or even a dog walker.

We will use our contact book to draw up a list of tried and tested people you can choose from, providing useful tips and inside information.

We speak English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Arabic.

So call us on +44 (0)20 7112 7522