The Daisy Roots Team

Daisy Roots is cockney rhyming slang for boots. Kick yours off, put your feet up - we'll do all the legwork for you. We'll find you a house, a school a nanny... and anything else you may want.


We speak Italian, French, Spanish, German,
Russian and Arabic.

Daniela Völker


B rought up in Argentina, Colombia and Germany, Daniela came to the UK after secondary school, and has been here ever since. She speaks six languages, and her background is in journalism; an award-winning filmmaker, she spent many years making documentaries around the world for the BBC.

A multi-tasking mother-of-three, she founded DAISY ROOTS after years of listening to her friends’ trials and tribulations in the cut-throat world of London property, education and childcare. Having moved countless times, she has amassed a great deal of property expertise (and contacts) in the process, including of auctions and private sales. She can help with all aspects of childcare, day and boarding schools, and private tuition.

Anna Lloyd

A nna was brought up in England and has lived in New York, France and India. She has travelled all over the world making documentaries for the BBC, and speaks French and Spanish. Anna has lived in Notting Hill since the 1980s. She and her husband have three daughters at school and university. Having had more than 20 years of exposure to it, she is very knowledgeable about the education system (both private and state schools.) She can help with all aspects of property transactions in London.

Mary-Ellen Blower

S he is English through and through - Mary-Ellen grew up in London and went through top London prep schools and then on to boarding school at Wycombe Abbey. She has two boys who were born in London, and the family now divides their time between London and Northamptonshire. Mary-Ellen has got experience of property, schools and childcare in London as well as within commuting distance from the capital. She is a Qualified Chartered Accountant by training.

Anne Tolstoy

A nne is half Russian, half English and grew up in Paris with an international outlook and a love of languages. She moved to the UK to study Russian at university, and then worked in publishing. She has also worked as a teacher at a French-English bilingual school in London. A mother-of-two, Anne has a great deal of experience of both the English and the French school systems and can assist families considering a bilingual education, thinking of moving from one system to the other, and looking for family-friendly neighbourhoods across London.

Rita Altezza

R ita grew up in Italy and studied modern languages. She knows a thing or two about boots, having worked in the footwear industry for many years, first at her family’s company in Naples, then as a wholesaler in London. Rita knows the challenges faced by families moving to the capital only too well – a mother-of-two, she came to London when her husband was relocated, and it took her a while to find her feet. Since 2008 she has been advising Italians in London on properties, schools (Italian or English) and nannies.

Laila Ouarrachy-Dollé

L aila was born into a bilingual French-Moroccan family and speaks fluent Arabic and French, as well as German. She has worked as a foreign risk underwriter in Paris, a consultant for British Telecom, and as investment banker in the City. Laila has two children who have attended both French and English schools, so she is knowledgeable about raising multi-lingual children, strategic planning in terms of moving across from one system to the other, finding rental or sales properties in school catchment areas, managing school applications, etc.

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